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Secteur d'activité 2219Z
Industrie et Matériel Industriel

Site internet www.2wt.fr

An SME created in 2008, situated 1 hour to the west of Paris. The company employs 4 people and is specialised in the design and manufacture of high pressure inflatable framed tents and shelters. Our shelters are designed for use in diverse areas: humanitarian aid shelters, medical outposts, field hospitals, military tents, party tents, scouting, temporary industrial shelters, ULM shelters, horticultural hothouses, construction site shelters, swimming pool covers, etc.

A 600 m² workshop equipped with heat seaming machines, sewing machines, a splicing machine and CAD/CAM technology.

Our aim is to create an international network of business agents who have an in-depth knowledge of our expertise and understand that our company can respond rapidly to any request for canvas shelters of all sizes.

As our tents are designed to hold the public, they meet “BVCTS” safety standards. They provide outstanding performance in terms of weight, volume, ease of installation and resistance. They are covered by a 2 year guarantee. Our role as designer and manufacturer enables us to meet any request, either standard or bespoke. Our products range in width from 3 to 12 metres with an almost unlimited length.

In the framework of a business agent contract, we offer variable commission depending on the level of involvement of the business agent in the negotiation and conclusion of the sale.

Très petite / TPE : 1 à 9 salariés  
101 - 300 k€  
Monde Entier  
English, Français  
  • tent with inflatable frame
  • worksite trailer
  • Other articles and equipment for sports or outdoor games; swimming pools and paddling pools
  • Tarpaulins, awnings and sunblinds; sails for boats, sailboards or landcraft; tents and camping goods (including pneumatic mattresses)
  • Other manufactured goods
  • Textiles
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